In answer to the increasing demand for quality archery accessories, McSport now stocks a full range of premium archery sporting goods, including the Petron brand - the world’s most popular archery equipment manufacturer since 1963. Our comprehensive range of accessories and sports equipment means that we are the one stop shop for archers of all levels, from the complete novice to the seasoned competitor.

Our most popular archery equipment includes:

  • Compound bows: This range includes both adult- and youth compound bows, available as individual bows or bow kits. These bows are suitable for the first time archer, as well as the advanced, and the design of the pulley system puts less strain on the archer’s hand, which accounts for its popularity.
  • Recurve bow sets: Recurve bow sets are a popular product with archers of all ages and represent a step up from entry-level leisure bow kits. It is widely used in target archery competitions and stocked in light-, medium- or strong draw, with a choice of left- and right handed alignment. We stock individual bows, as well as bow sets that contain a bow, bow stringer, arrows, finger tab, basic sight, armguard, carry case and instruction booklet. The accessories required for this kind of bow include bow strings, string wax and nocking points.
  • Leisure bow kits: Leisure bow kits are a very popular archery product for individuals of all ages. This basic bow set comes in three different sizes, namely 93 cm, 112 cm and 130 cm. It comes complete with a fiberglass bow, two arrows, an armguard, finger tab, quiver and target face.
  • Archery has grown and continues to evolve in Ireland among players of all ages, with two main areas of archery prevalent in Ireland, namely:

  • Target Archery. This sport involves participants standing in a line and shooting at an archery target. Both compound and recurve bows are used and the targets are nearly always coloured concentric circles. Within the course of a competition, the targets are moved forward to distances of 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres.
  • Field Archery. Field Archery normally takes place in woodland or on rough ground that may include slopes and hollows etc. Targets are placed on a circuit (called a course) in the surrounding area and competitors move from target to target in small groups. The basic equipment required includes a simple wooden flatbow and a back quiver of wooden arrows. Although nearly every type of bow can be used, many field archers use simpler equipment than target archers, shooting one piece wooden bows and traditional longbows.
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